About Us

Charlotte Residential Services specializes in pre-closing home repairs. This is our sole business focus so you and your client will get concise and expedient service that is cost efficient. We have been doing these repairs consistently for 10 years now and have been in the repair trade for over 20 years. We have written the definition for getting the needed repairs completed without charging the seller exorbitant fees in the process. The way we do this,

  • There is no charge for quote. This is because there is often not a need to do an onsite inspection.
  • One person usually completes all repairs required, therefore eliminating the need for 3 or 4 trades each charging a cost of mobilization.
  • We have aligned our business with the needed vendors and negotiated pricing should we not be able to complete the repairs ourselves.
  • Finally and foremost we can often provide quote by reviewing the inspection report itself and complete all this via a return email.
  • Review some of our recent testimonials.

We realized long ago the problems facing realtors with home inspection reports. Often their clients don’t know where to go to align the various services needed to complete these required repairs. Or maybe the client no longer lives local and has no contact other than the realtor. So the whole process is pushed back onto the realtor if he or she really wants to make the deal happen. And we know you do!

This can be a great waste of the realtor’s time if not done properly. The realtor is left with the task of multiple sourcing to various vendors and this wastes their time. Then the realtor has to meet with these multiple vendors for consultation and gathering of quote, which again wastes their time. And more, having to assemble the quotes and propose them to the client, wasting precious deal time. And finally, having to manage the entire process to completion as a whole, wasting even more of their time.

When we looked at how much time realtors spent on each closing managing this task it was astonishing. And then there is the situation of the realtor wasting their time at a property waiting for a vendor that never shows? We feel there are better things to apply your time to. Or just other things you would rather be doing?

So we decided to partner with realtors and ease this burden by providing the ability to make one phone call to resolve an entire punch list of pre-closing home repairs. So give us a call or send us an email today to see how we can make your next transaction run smoother. And take back your time!